MSR PC Software Version 5.12.04 with MSR Setup

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MSR PC Software

Version 5.12.04 with MSR Setup, MSR Reeder, MSR Online and MSR Viewer Software Programs

MSR Software Consists of 4 Separate Programs
>> MSR Setup: Used to Configure MSR Data Loggers
>> MSR Reader: Download Data from Logger to PC
>> MSR Online: View Data On-screen and Save Data to PC
>> MSR Viewer: Data Viewed on PC in Graph or Table Format
MSR Software System Requirements
>> Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 PC Operating System
>> USB Port

Software is Included with the Purchase of an MSR Data Logger.

MSR Setup Program

  • Customize Logger Settings (Sensors, Sampling Interval, Alarms etc.)
  • Define Logging Start Time and Stop Time
  • Offset Calibration of Temperature, Humidity Sensors and Analog Inputs

MSR Reader

  • Transfers Recorded Measurement Values to PC
  • Clears (Empties) Values from Loggers Internal Memory Storage

MSR Online

  • View Progress of Measured Parameters Directly on Screen
  • Display Data in Graph or Table Format
  • Templates Available for Display Format and Sensor Selection

MSR Viewer

  • Measured Data Viewed (Graph or Table Format) and Edited on a PC
  • Export Data to PC in csv Format
  • Templates Available for Formatting and Standardizing Display


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